NO AGE – 11/05/2024

My old pals, NO AGE played at set at the St Johns Bizarre this year. I first met Randy and Dean over 20 years ago in their previous band. I hadn’t seen either of them in over a decade, it was great to be able to catch up. Check out their latest LP, People Helping People released by Drag City.

April 2024 Bandcamp Friday Haul

It’s Bandcamp Friday, AKA, the day I buy a bunch of music. Some of it new, some of it old. Some of it has been featured in recent episodes of NONTRAST Radio and some of it will be featured in upcoming episodes.

I haven’t seen Mattress in quite a while but was stoked to see this music video show up in my feed which then clued me into his recent-ish LP, FUBAR.

Brighton punks Lambrini Girls are a recent discovery for me. They’ll be touring the US this summer and I’ve already got my ticket. The LP was too expensive to ship from the UK, so I’ll be showing up, cash in hand, at their merch table.

Two English bands with “Girls” in the name? If I cared more about sequencing, I’d move this down lower in the post. Another new discovery for me, I know, I’m late to the game.

I have most of these tracks in 7″ form, but I’m thankful for this convenient anthology.

My bandmate clued me into this band after catching them live. Hammered dulcimer black metal isn’t a commonly uttered phrase, but it works. I picked up one of their earlier LPs at a garage sale in my neighborhood, which was quite surprising.

I don’t really know how Iron Lung Records releases so many records of such high caliber, but I’m thankful they do.

I first crossed paths with Steve a couple decades ago with his old bands, XBXRX, kit, Warbler, snowsuit* and others. While his recent solo releases are a departure from those acts, I believe the same people that enjoyed his output 20 ago will enjoy this release.

NONTRAST Radio: Episode Two

Tara Jane O’Neil “Curling”

Cleanser “S.O.S. (demo)”

Human Leather “Not My Business Anymore”

Jo Johnson “Inside”

Writhing Squares “Barbarians”

Cindy und Bert “Der Hund Von Baskerville”

Mr. Wrong “Asshole”

Vangelis “He-O”

Karp “Bastard of Disguise”

Essential Logic “The Beautiful & The Damned”

Lambrini Girls “White Van”

The Rickets (feat Kathleen Hanna) “Voices Carry”

PR Computer    “Andromeda”

Whisper Hiss “Harsh Lights”

Selda Bağcan “Yaz Gazeteci Yaz”

Tiny Knives “At The Retaining Wall By The Graveyard”

Bronski Beat “Hit That Perfect Beat”

New Bad Things “Let’s Everyone Do It”

Mdou Moctar “Funeral for Justice”

Code Of Honor “Fight or Die”

Gene Clark “No Other”

Men’s Recovery Project (feat Mojo Nixon) “Domestic Phone Call (Wankel-Rotary Engine Remix)”

Melvins    “Friends Before Larry”

NONTRAST Radio reboot: Episode One

Adulkt Life –
Fat Day
Ashra –
Born Against –
Shirley Collins –
Body Farm –
Derdioklar Ikilisi –
Krallice –
Robert Wyatt –
Cyberplasm –
Mary Timony –
Botanist –
Bad Canoes –
Mocket –
Abronia –
Strategy –
Marnie Stern –
Waydowns –
Lord Dying –
Mnemonic Pulse –